Installing the very latest Audio and Visual experiences within residential and commercial spaces.

‘Audio Visual’ is a broad term. So what does it include? At Pure AV, we consider it to be any project that requires a sound system or a visual screen. Often both.
Music has the ability to bring a home or space to life. We can provide you with a simple to use multi-room audio system that sounds simply sensational.From invisible in-ceiling speakers to powerful towers, our team has the experience and ingenuity to deliver an amazing audio sound system.
Control4 audio orchestrates the latest in music streaming services making sure your favourite playlist is only a few touches away. Whether you use Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Deezer, or even Vinyl… We can have your favourite tracks playing in no time.

High resolutions Images

Pure AV would be delighted to help with your project however humble or extravagant. We have experience with projects ranging from a single wall mounted TV to multiple rooms of Video, distributed around the property from a centralised equipment location. From HD to 4K the possibilities are endless.