During our initial meeting our objective is to grasp a firm understanding of what you desire.

Our full expertise will be on offer to suggest products we think will fit the project and also giving a face to face overview of what can be achieved using Control4 or other smart home products.

Together we can create a well rounded, totally bespoke package. We are content to work directly with you as the client or via a team or independent Architects, Designers and Property Developers.

Following this meeting, we will provide a detailed proposal and quotation with full details of the products and service we have selected for your project.



Production of cable wiring schedules and diagrams are designed and issued, outlining the infrastructure and full spec of your smart home and home cinema.

Wi-Fi access points, speakers, CCTV cameras and so on are clearly marked out and labeled providing the installers with a clear plan to begin first fix.

3D room renders are provided on all of our cinema designs, which have two great benefits – firstly, you will get a fantastic visual representation of how your cinema room will look.

Secondly, we provide detailed documentation outlining the calculations used to create a cinema that is precisely designed and calibrated to industry standards.



The second fix phase of the project is where things get exciting. Our team will terminate, test and label all cables and connect all hardware to perfection.

Speakers will be installed, OLED screens are hung, Wi-Fi access points terminated and AV racks are rolled into place.

On completion a full handover and live demonstration will be presented – ensuring you know how to use and enjoy your home to its full potential.

It’s now time to indulge in your new smart home – bespoke lighting scenes, your favourite music and movie nights!