Custom Home Cinema

We all have dreams of the ideal home cinema. It is all about bringing home that movie theatre experience. Why go to a theatre when you can enjoy the same acoustics, visual display, right from the comfort of your own house? A home cinema is within reach thanks to our team at Pure AV! We want to make it easy to bring home automation to the masses in Dublin & Ireland. It all comes down to preparation, attention to detail, technology, and professional installation.

We have technology on our side thanks to the Control4 system that we rely on. With just one touchpad you are going to have full control over everything in the space. You do not have to worry about fumbling with five different remote controls to turn a movie on. With just a few taps of a screen, you will be off to the races watching the latest flick in the home cinema.

Media rooms

Dedicated cinema rooms are perfect for home entertainment, but not every property has the space required. This is where the increasingly popular Media room comes in

Media Rooms have all the design aspects of a tranquil living space but include discreet speakers and screens that can achieve industry standards. Media rooms provide the perfect compromise to a dedicated home cinema. These rooms are multi functional spaces that do not require an exclusive space. You can now enjoy a fully immersive viewing and listening experience in your living room.

Some examples of visually pleasing options include invisible speakers that are hidden within walls or ceilings and Projector or TV Lift that can drop down from discreet hatches or cabinetry. Media rooms are typically based on a large 4K OLED TV screen but in many cases combined with a projector and drop down screen to enjoy movies.