Intelligent lighting design and control solutions

With intelligent lighting design and control solutions, always show your home in the best possible light. One touch commands to set lighting scenes and adjust curtains, shades and drapes for any occasion. Automatic light and shade throughout the day, intelligent systems that adjust throughout the year to accommodate the changing of the seasons.

We provide integrative solutions to provide the perfect ambiance for any occasion. Press play to watch a movie, the lights go down and the blinds close automatically. Your wake-up playlist sounds at 7am as the lights fade up slowly and the blinds open halfway.

Imagine a Smart Home where you can turn all of the lights on or off with a single command from a bedside keypad, Smartphone or hallway touch panel. Welcome home scenes that are triggered as you drive up the driveway or open the garage door. Holiday modes that intelligently reproduce the lighting activity of the previous fortnight.

With the recent introduction of low energy lamp types and associated regulations, Pure AV are best placed to install, advise and support the design of your home’s lighting control system. Working closely with lighting designers, electricians and M&E consultants, we can help navigate the energy saving requirements and possible pitfalls that can occur.